About us

“Glasfaser project” operates in Lithuania and Germany.

VISION: We seek to become the example of a responsible business, not only in Lithuania but abroad as well.  

MISSION: By providing the highest quality services and strengthening our partnerships with confidence, we can adapt to the needs and capabilities of our customers.

VALUES: Responsibility, competence, punctuality, experience and teamwork.



We are distinguished by not only the reciprocal relationships with our customers, but also by professionalism, which is necessary to ensure that the services we provide will maximum the benefits for our customers. We supervise and control every aspect of the work, which additionally contributes to the pursuit of excellent results and the fulfilment of our customers’ visions.


Our company offers only reliable services from reliable hands. We take thorough care in selecting each of our employees and conduct the necessary training, which introduces the employees to our work ethic, the values we communicate and the appropriate attitude towards our customers. All of this helps create services that are based on comfort, peace of mind and trust.


Our many years of experience in the market have helped us to create and develop an innovative time and work planning system, which enables us make sure we are never late for our appointments, and we execute and complete the work we have planned in a timely manner. This is not only convenient but also beneficial, as our customers can use the time that is saved for other purposes, instead of trying to figure out why the work was not completed on time and searching for someone to finish it. We execute everything in a project from start to finish.

TIMELY FULFILMENT OF OBLIGATIONS We arrive at our appointments fully prepared to perform the work with no delay. We have all the necessary equipment and tools required for our work, which also helps us carry out the tasks at hand safely and smoothly.

“Glasfaser project” is a broad-spectrum company, pursuing activities in the fields of design and manufacturing of metal products, trade in metal products, fibre optic internet cable laying, trenchless technologies – trenchless construction of engineering communications – and block paving.

A motivated and responsible team, reliable partnerships and the professional flexibility acquired over many years of operations allow the Company to provide the highest quality services throughout the whole of Lithuania and outside the country.

The employees of “Glasfaser project” have more than 15 years of experience under their belts, after implementing projects at sites such as Bidfood Lietuva UAB, Kaunas FEZ, Vilnius Aerodrome Flight Control Centre and the State Security Department of Lithuania. The Company’s work experience and professionalism have been recognised in Germany as well – where we have worked in Rietberg, Mastholte and Hovelhof.